I need sex NOW!

OK, it’s fairly clear what the ladies of 2nd Circle Marbella provide their clients by way of companionship, though obviously as an Agency we are merely arranging for time together, and anything else that might happen is between consenting adults.

Even so, it’s a constant surprise to receive calls with very specific requirements that end in the word “NOW!”. OK, if you’ve had a night on the tiles and need some relaxation before going to sleep. Or if you’ve managed to sneak away at lunch time and just want a bit of company. 

But who suddenly realises – at ten minutes notice – that what they really need, right now, is a blonde lady over 175cms tall, a brunette under 165cms, and some James Brown on the iPod. For three hours? Followed by dinner? Really? You just realised?


We love our guests dearly and it’s great entertaining them and being in their company. Sometimes, though, the way things happen just defies prediction! But I guess when the urge for company strikes and you have the ability to make it happen, what the heck? So we may be caught by surprise sometimes, but we always smile because it’s going to be fun!

Incidentally, the answer was;

“Yes, no problem. The wine is also ready for you. And will Sex Machine be OK as a James Brown album?”

We aim to please. But give us 12 hours notice if you want someone to impersonate The Imp from Game of Thrones…


Ione x

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